Take a walk on the wild side…….

After ten long years we have finally managed to put up the Underbelly Portsmouth website. This site will be used to keep everyone up to date with all of the people, places and things associated with this wickedly successful tour. Here we will promote the different types of shows we do throughout the year but mostly we will keep you entertained with some of the more scandalous history that is not found at the local library. All of the history is true, granted we might make it sound a bit more sordid in the telling, but the facts remain. We hope you will join us on tour when you are in town but even if you have no plans to visit our beautiful Portsmouth this site will dish on some of the most famous historical names in the country – you don’t need to be in New Hampshire to enjoy them. All of our history will have a New England flavor but mostly please remember to never take New Hampshire for “granite”


On the tour there is always room for one more!