The Underbelly Tour in Portsmouth, NH


Aren’t you tired of history being boring? Wouldn’t you rather have a laugh than a history test? We sure would and every Monday night at 6pm during the summer months is how The Portsmouth Underbelly Tour and the new Other-Belly Tour got started. For decades history has been spit out by people who spewed forth dates, times, and addresses with no real passion other than to deliver all the pertinent facts. What they often forget is that history was actually lived by people who had a passion for life! These people took risks, made mistakes, put their lives on the line or risked their reputations! What a dis-service to their memory to not deliver their stories with a heat and humor that jumps right off the page and onto the streets where the history was actually lived. This is not your parents history tour so get ready for a ride you will never forget! (Photos by Tocky Bialobrzeski)

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