Event: Portsmouth Underbelly: Unplugged and Undaunted!

Portsmouth Underbelly: Unplugged and Undaunted!

IMG_3576     Portsmouth Underbelly: Unplugged and Undaunted is everything Silas Deane and Olive Madbury want to give you on the tour but cannot due to location, location, location. On our hysterical tour our scandalous history is tied to the tour route but we have no such constrictions when we are on stage and we even bring along our favorite musician.

Scandal can be found everywhere you look in Portsmouth (and a bit beyond) and it can be discovered by just looking under a bed sheet, peeking under a person’s robe or doing a little digging in a tavern cellar. If it’s scandalous, shocking and silly then you should come and see these stories told the only Silas and Olive can tell them.

Complete with adult songs, accompanied by fiddle and guitar player Jane Grondin, this interactive vaudeville show tells some of the scandals surrounding the likes of John Paul Jones, Paul Revere and Smuttynose murderer Lewis Wagner.  Or how about the long and tantalizing history of prostitution or perhaps the history of the condom. People are dying laughing to hear these juicy tales.

Of course this show also features the musical skills of the duo as they perform such anthems as “I Need A Sheep”, “The Dirty Song”, “I Never Do Anything Twice” and their theme song “Two Sides to Every Story”

Portsmouth Underbelly: Unplugged and Undaunted will be performed at the West End Theater, 959 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH, on Friday, June 10 at 8pm, Saturday, June 11 at 4 and 8pm and Sunday, June 12 at 2pm. Tickets are $18 for adults and $15 for students, seniors and military. To reserve call (978) 683-7745 or email us at wholemoon@verizon.net